Computer Lab; Join Google Classroom; Imagery Memory

27 Sep

Go to the Computer Lab!

Period 3 and 8 go to A206. Period 4 go to A205.

Log into your Sachem Google Account.

Go to Google.

Username:  Use your regular computer login, then add


Password:  Sach.(last 4 numbers of your ID)

Example:   Sach.1234  (The S must be a capital!)

Join Our Google Classroom

Click on the little boxes on the top right of your screen. Select Classroom.

Use the following codes to join your class:

Period 3: sldhmx

Period 4: e35520a

Period 8: v2xxos


Complete the Assignment

Click on the Assignment “Imagery Memory.”

In no more than 150 words, write about a memory using as much sensory imagery as possible.

Remember to Bring Your Independent Reading Books To Class Tomorrow!

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