Fix Me Friday; Independent Reading

7 Sep

Did You Get a Marble Composition Notebook Yet?

The notebook will be worth 20% of your quarter grade (we will go over specifics regarding grades next week). You must have a marble composition notebook like the one pictured below. Only English work should be in this notebook. You will be graded on the number of pages you write. Please make sure that you get one as soon as possible, and if you are having problems attaining one, please let me know.


Fix Me Friday

On Fridays, we practice a little grammar. There’s a short paragraph on the board and you must make any corrections in your notebook. Here is today’s paragraph:

For many schools, september means the start of the school year. Students meet they’re new teachers and classmates. This is all so a time to buy clothes and supply such as backpacks pencils, and notebooks. Do you feel excited or nervos about going back to school. Think about what you will learn an whether theres a special goal you will try to meat. What will be the best thing about this school year?

Independent Reading

You will have time to do some reading in class. At the end of the period I will give you this worksheet: Independent Reading Worksheet. Complete this worksheet and hand it in when we return Wednesday.

Enjoy the long weekend! 


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