Vocabulary; Library for Independent Reading

6 Sep


Two Word Tuesday? On a Thursday?

Normally, on Tuesdays, we do Two Word Tuesday. Every Tuesday we go over two new vocabulary words. This allow us to focus on and go deep with two words. Since we missed Tuesday this week and will miss it again next week, we will do vocabulary today.

9th Grade Vocabulary List.  Today’s words are Optimism and Pessimism.

Independent Reading

Part of our Friday routine is to dedicate time to independent reading. You will be given time to read anything of your choosing. The only requirement is that you are reading something you have not read before. In order to prepare for this, we will visit the Sachem East Library during the second half of class. Take this time to find a book you can read in class tomorrow. Alternatively, you may bring in a book from home. Just be sure to have something with you to read in class tomorrow.

You will be given a classwork grade for reading quietly in class, without any distractions, and filling out this worksheet as completely as possible. Independent Reading Worksheet.


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