12- Hamlet Project; 9- Independent Reading

11 May

12th Grade: Hamlet Project

We will be in A206 to work on the Hamlet Group Project.

Here is a full text of the play.

We will begin presentations on Tuesday. Be ready!

9th Grade:

Fix Me Friday: correct the following paragraph

Along with Valentine’s day, Christmas, and Hanukkah, Mother’s Day is a popular holiday for given flowers as gifts. Bouquets of beautiful fresh flowers often include varieties such as lilys, roses irises, and orchids. Peple might chose flowers that are all the same color, or ones of different color’s that look nice together. Floral arrangements can be deliver if the gift-giver wont be their in person. Have you ever given flowers to your mom or a special relative.

Independent Reading:

Then continue Independent Reading (fill out this worksheet).

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