12th- Hamlet Project; 9th- Sugar Research Project

10 May

12th Grade: Hamlet Project

We will be in A206 to work on the Hamlet Group Project.

Here is a full text of the play.

9th Grade: Type Sugar Research Paper

Periods 3, 7, and 8 go to room A206 to type up your Sugar Research Assignment.

You must show your rough draft and outline before beginning.

This is how your work will be graded, use it to make sure you are meeting all requirements.

How to submit assignment:

  • Log into your Sachem Google Account. Here’s how in case you forgot.
  • Go to our Google Classroom.
  • At the top of the page, click Join Class.
  • Enter the join code for your class.
    Period 3: j3bu4vy    – Period 7: 2w6jj3 – Period 8: 2q8sqv
  • Click on the assignment. Complete in Google Drive. Submit to Google Classroom assignment.
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