Finishing Touch on Fortnite; Hamlet

30 Apr

9th Grade: Finish and Turn in Fortnite Essay.

By now your Fortnite essay should be complete.

Today you will go back into your essay and label the different elements that need to be in your essay.  Before each sentence or sentences that fulfill a paragraph requirement, just label it. (For example, before your topic sentence write “1-Topic Sentence:”. Before your direct quote write “3: Direct Quote”). The requirements for each paragraph are listed below. Label each of the requirements on all paragraphs of your essay.

Your Introduction Paragraph should  follow this format:

1: Explain what Fortnite is.
2: Incorporate a quote.
3: Thesis Statement

Each Body Paragraph should follow this format:

1: Topic Sentence
2: Explain topic sentence
3: Direct Quote
4: Explain Quote
5: Connect Reason to Thesis


1: Topic Sentence
2: Direct Quote
3: Explain Quote

***Don’t Forget to Add your Works Cited to the bottom of your essay! Use the format shown on this paper.

12th Grade: Hamlet

We will be viewing the Hamlet film, stopping periodically to discuss. As you watch, work on the questions in this worksheet.

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