Outlining Fortnite Essay; Memoirs

19 Apr

12th Grade: Memoir

Meet in room A206 to work on your memoir. Make sure you have gone through the process of brainstorming, outlining, and rough drafting in your notebook; it counts as half of your grade for this assignment!

Memoir is due on Kidblog by the end of the day!

9th Grade: Fortnite Essay

Today you will learn about our Fortnite Essay,  Topic Sentences, and Parenthetical Citations.

Then you will begin your Fortnite Essay Outline.

Articles/ Videos:

CNBC. “Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins Talks Fortnite, Making Money On Twitch And More .” YouTube. 19 March 2018.

Guardian, The. “‘Fortnite’ Shoots Up Most-Wanted Video Game List for Kids.” The Guardian. 23 March 2018.

Ohlheiser, Abby. “A Non-gamer’s Guide to That Time Drake Played a Video Game on Twitch.” The Washington Post. 15 March 2018.

Smith, Lulu. “How I Lost My Children to Fortnite.” Lulu & Lattes. 25 February 2018.

Tomorrow is Independent Reading!

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