Fix Me Friday and Independent Reading

13 Apr

Mr. Funk’s Friendly Reminders:

  • Turn in your Music Monday worksheet if you have not already.
  • Make sure your Two Word Tuesday slideshow is ready by Tuesday. You must be prepared to present your words by Tuesday!
  • Don’t forget to bring a book for independent reading tomorrow!

Fix Me Friday

Correct the following passage:

Ray Kroc was a traveling sales man. One of the businesses he sold to was a restaurant owned by two brothers Dick and Mac McDonald. Kroc liked what he saw he told the brothers they should open more restaurants. When the brothers asked who would run the new restaurants, Kroc said, Well, what about me.” Kroc opened his first Mcdonalds in April 1955. Today their is more then 30,000 McDonald’s in more than 115 countrys.

Independent Reading

After we correct the passage above, you will have time to read. At the end of the period fill out this worksheet. Turn it in as you leave.

Have a great weekend!

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