Literary Devices in Fortnite Article; Memoir

12 Apr

Mr. Funk’s Friendly Reminders:

  • Turn in your Music Monday worksheet if you have not already.
  • Make sure your Two Word Tuesday slideshow is ready by Tuesday. You must be prepared to present your words by Tuesday!
  • Don’t forget to bring a book for independent reading tomorrow!

9th Grade: Fortnite Article

Read this article. This is a non fiction piece. See if you can find any of these common literary techniques, often used in non fiction writing. Label them on your article:

  • Thesis statement
  • Topic sentences
  • Ethos, Logos, Pathos
  • Imagery
  • Anecdote

Complete this worksheet for the article. Turn it in at the end of class.

12th Grade: Memoirs

Share Six Word Memoirs

Begin working on the Memoir Requirements.

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