Make Your Own Two Word Tuesday

10 Apr

All Classes Meet in A206!

Today you will create your own Two Word Tuesday Slide

Log into your Sachem Google account. (How to log in to your Sachem Google account)

  • Each person will be given a vocabulary word.
  • You can work with ONE partner.
  • You and your partner will create a Google Slide for each word.
  • In the coming weeks, you and your partner will present your word to the class on Two Word Tuesday.
  • Get the slide template here.
  • Click File->Make a Copy.
  • Name your file “[Period] [Your Names] Two Word Tuesday” (for example: “3 Bob Jones and Mary Smith Two Word Tuesday”)
  • Create your slide.
  • Click the blue share button.
  • Enter my email address:
  • Click “Done.”


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