Two Word Thursday?; Lobsters Reading; Twilight Zone Human Nature

15 Mar

All Classes: Bring Your Independent Reading Books to Class Tomorrow!

9th Grade:

Two Word Thursday(?): Stagnant and Impartial 9th Grade Vocabulary

We will also go over the Lobsters handout: 1 Lobsters

12th Grade:

Twilight Zone and Human Nature- We will go to A206 to post your answer to the following prompt on Kidblog.

We can often learn a lot about human nature when it is tested in difficult or unusual ways. It may expose strengths and/or weaknesses. Often the characters themselves are representations of humanity as a whole. We can learn about our common traits, morality, and what we are really made of. What motivates us? What happens to people when situations are challenging? Do we hide our true intentions and feelings behind our civilization? How so?

After watching episodes of the Twilight Zone, what commentary can you make about human nature? Explain how the show, the characters, and the events make this commentary. Make connections to real life as well. In what ways do you see these common human traits emerge in our everyday life?


Paragraph 1: The Twilight Zone and how the episode makes commentary on human nature.

Paragraph 2: Make connections to everyday life.

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