Research Papers; Your Comfort Zone, Story Shapes and Rules

28 Feb


12th Grade: Research Paper

Go to A205 to work on the research paper. It is due Friday. Here is a document that will help you with formatting. And this will help you with Works Cited Pages.

9th Grade:

Wednesday Wisdom:  Comfort Zones. Watch the video and answer the quick write questions in your notebook.

Measuring Comfort Zones – Marcus Taylor at TEDxMelbourne

Quick Writes:

Write about a time when you didn’t do something because it made you uncomfortable. What prevented you? Why were you uncomfortable? Is this a common problem for you? What were the consequences or missed opportunities? (examples: not speaking because of what others might think, not trying something because you might fail, hiding your true feelings, avoiding a situation…)

How big do you consider your comfort zone to be? How often do you go outside of your comfort zone?

What is something you can do that will put you out of your own comfort zone and will have a positive impact on your life?

Picking up from yesterday…

Vonnegut’s Shapes of Stories, and Story Rules and Of Mice and Men

Assignment: In your notebook, explain which Story Shape you think applies to Of Mice and Men. Draw the story shape and show were events from the story take place on the curve. (use 4-5 events).

Then choose any 3 of Vonnegut’s Story Rules and explain if Of Mice and Men follows each rule. Give evidence of actual events from Of Mice and Men to support your answers.


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