2 Word Tuesday, Vonnegut and Of Mice and Men; Work on Research Papers

27 Feb

12th Grade: Research Paper

Go to A205 to work on your research paper. Remember, it is due Friday! Check out this document to help with formatting.

9th Grade: Vocabulary and Vonnegut

Two Word Tuesday: Enigma and Denounce. 9th Grade Vocabulary

Vonnegut’s Shapes of Stories, and Story Rules and Of Mice and Men

We will finish our notes on Vonnegut’s Story Rules.

Assignment: In your notebook, explain which Story Shape you think applies to Of Mice and Men. Draw the story shape and show were events from the story take place on the curve. (use 4-5 events).

Then choose any 3 of Vonnegut’s Story Rules and explain if Of Mice and Men follows each rule. Give evidence of actual events from Of Mice and Men to support your answers.


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