Editing, Independent Reading; Research Paper Notes

16 Feb

9th Grade:  Fix Me Friday and Independent Reading

Fix Me Friday:

What is smaller than earth’s moon and takes 248 years to orbit the sun. Its Pluto, witch was called a planet until 2006, when scientists named it a “dwarf planet” insted. Pluto was discover by astronomer Clyde Tombaugh in February 1930. Some think Pluto could be a large asteroid. The shape of Plutos’ orbit actually brings it close to the sun at times then the orbit of its neighbor, the planet Neptune

Silent Independent Reading

The rest of class will be spent reading. You will be graded in two ways: First, for having something to read. Second, for actually reading, without talking, sleeping, or being distracting to others.

12th Grade: Research Paper Notes

The Research Paper is due on Friday March 2nd (the first Friday when we return from break)

Research Paper Rubric

Writing Your Introduction Paragraph

Writing Your Body Paragraphs

Writing Your Conclusion


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