Fix Me Friday, Independent Reading; Thesis Statements

9 Feb

9th Grade:

Fix Me Friday: Edit the following paragraph:

around the beginning of Febuary each year, the top too American football teams meet for a big game. The game is called the Super bowl. It is the annual championship for the Nashional Football League. The Super Bowl is always held on a Sunday. Many Americans treat Super Bowl Sunday as a holiday On Super Bowl Sunday, America eat more food then on any other holiday, except for Thanksgiving. They go to Super Bowl Parties and cheer for their favorite teams. Thousands of people watch the Super Bowl in the stadium, but millions watch it on TV. In fact, the Super Bowl is one of the most-watch programs on TV every year.

After Fix Me Friday, we will go to the library to pick out books for independent reading. Make sure you have a book to read by next Friday.

12th Grade:

Write down  your thesis statement on this handout. Then you will analyze another student’s thesis.


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