Failure; Thesis Statements

8 Feb

9th Grade:

Copy your answer to yesterday’s assignment from your notebook to a piece looseleaf paper.

On that same sheet of paper, in a paragraph, answer the following questions about Nick Foles’ post Super Bowl speech.

What does Nick Foles say about failure? What does he say about comparing yourself to others? To what extent do you agree with what he or she is saying? To support your opinion, be sure to include specific examples drawn from your own experience, your observations of others, or any of your readings.

When you are finished, turn in your paper with yesterday and today’s assignment on it.

12th Grade: Thesis Statement

I will check to see that you have written out your notes on 5 articles.

We will take notes on Thesis Statements. Here are the notes.

Next we will complete an assignment to identify good thesis statements. Here is the assignment.

Finally, start crafting your own thesis statement.

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