OMAM Film; Researching for Research Paper

31 Jan

12th Grade: Go to A205

Today we will continue narrowing down our topic and looking for good resources for our research.

Your Assignment:

By the end of the week, you will post the following on our Kidblog site:

  • Clickable links to 5 pieces of research (at least one must be either video or audio).
  • Title and Author for each piece of research.
  • Summary of each article. What is the article about? What useful information does it have for your topic?

Find Reputable Articles.

Below are some trustworthy and useful sites. I highly recommend visiting them to find reputable articles. Also, don’t forget it is 2018; you may use less traditional media, such as podcasts, videos (TED Talks are often helpful)… Here’s a list of some quality podcasts (you can find a ton more by Googling “podcast” and some key words for your topic)

Here is our short list of potential ideas for your research paper…

Here are some very useful sites, link from the Virtual Reference Collection of our very own Sachem Library.
Opposing ViewPoints
SIRS Discover
National Newspaper Database

  • You will need a username and a password to login; I will write those on the board in class.  Copy it into your notebook, in case you need to login from home. These sites are all trustworthy.

9th Grade: OMAM Film

Today we will continue watching Of Mice and Men.

Your assignment: 

Take notes on any changes made in the movie. Notice any added, deleted, or altered scenes, and write down how the changes affect the story.

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