9: OMAM Chapter 4; 12: Progress Reports, Tribute…

18 Dec

9th Grade:

Read of Mice and Men Chapter 4.

12th Grade:

Your Progress Report…

Here is a list of the possible comments for progress reports: Comment List 2017. Analyze it and pick 3 comments for yourself. For each comment, explain why you chose it. Post your response in a Kidblog post entitled “Progress Report.”

Tribute Piece:

As we approach the holidays some of you may be in search for a gift for someone special. Why not give them something they can’t pick up off the shelves at Target, a writing piece from the heart?

Here are a few examples to help get you started.

“Dear Basketball” – Kobe Bryant’s tribute poem he used to announce his retirement.Dear Basketball notes

“My Superman” A student’s tribute to her grandfather:

my superman kerry

“One Sweet Day” – A student’s tribute to her recently passed grandmother. Notice the reference (Allusion) to the song One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey

One Sweet Day Sam B

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