Continue OMAM CH 3 and Reading/Writing

14 Dec

9th Grade: OMAM

Today we will listen to a reading of chapter 3 Of Mice and Men. As you listen, answer the following questions. We made it up to 31 minute in the video yesterday. You can continue from there.



12th Grade:

Today you will have some time to work on your reading and writing at a computer. Make sure you are being productive and hitting on the 12th Grade Reading and Writing Standards

If you are completely stuck, consider production a Social Commentary piece.  Think of something that annoys you, and think of how that reflects a larger societal issue. (For example: Someone not saying “thank you” after you hold the door for them might reflect how people are so consumed with their own lives that they do not notice how they affect each other or that people feel entitled and don’t appreciate or even realize when others go out of their way to help them)

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