9- Finish of Mice and Men Chapter 2 and worksheet; 12- School Reading…

11 Dec

9th Grade:

We will finish Of Mice and Men chapter 2. You will have a few minutes to finish your chapter 2 worksheet: Of Mice and Men Ch 2

12th Grade:

Read the excerpt “Modern Laziness” below from Seth Godin:

In your notebook: Are you lazy? Are there certain things you are not lazy about? Why or why not?

Modern laziness

The original kind of lazy avoids hard physical work. Too lazy to dig a ditch, organize a warehouse or clean the garage.

Modern lazy avoids emotional labor. This is the laziness of not raising your hand to ask the key question, not caring about those in need or not digging in to ship something that might not work. Lazy is having an argument instead of a thoughtful conversation. Lazy is waiting until the last minute. And lazy is avoiding what we fear.

Lazy feels okay in the short run, but eats at us over time.

Laziness is often an option, and it’s worth labelling it for what it is.


Watch this video about reading in school. 

In your notebook, respond to the video. Do you agree with what the students are saying? Are you actually reading the assigned books in school? Has school ruined reading for you? What kind of reading do you want to do? What can be done to change things for the better?

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