Fix Me Friday; Imagine; Seniors Computer Lab

8 Dec

Imagine by John Lennon

37 years ago today, John Lennon was murdered outside his New York City apartment. Listen to his song “Imagine.”

In your notebook: What is his message? Is it possible? Can we all make small adjustments in our life to make the world a better place?

9th Grade:

Fix Me Friday:

Look for mistakes in this paragraph and correct them in your notebook.

Born on December 30 1984, LeBron James is known as one of the worlds best basketball players. After growing up in akron, Ohio, Lebron spent seven years playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He scored alot of points and help his teammates score, too. People in Ohio were disapointed when he leaved to join the Miami Heat. In 2013, LeBron led the Heat to they’re second championship Victory in a row. In 2014 he returned to the Cavaliers.

Of Mice and Men:

We will finish chapter 2. Don’t forget to complete your worksheet:  Of Mice and Men Ch 2

12th Grade: Go to Computer Lab

We’ve talked, read, and discussed a lot of issues related to social commentary. Now it’s time to produce something! Head over to Kidblog and start working!

Reminder: Here are the documents that will be used to evaluate your work:

12th Grade Simplified Reading and Writing Standards

Some skills to use in your writing


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