Go To the Computer Lab; Of Mice and Men; Social Commentary

4 Dec

Go to room A206.

How to add pictures to a Kidblog post…

9th Grade:

  • Create a post on Kidblog about either George or Lennie.
  • Identify 3 characteristics about the character you’ve chosen (kind, funny, angry, patient, goofy, … whatever) and give a quote from the text to support your answer.  (here is an online version of the story).
  • For each characteristic, think of another character or person that shares that characteristic.
  • Post a picture of that person/character, and explain how he/she shares that characteristic with George or Lennie.


12th Grade:

Last week we spoke about social commentary. You may find this Wikipedia page helpful in defining social commentary.

  • Create a post on Kidblog in which you identify 3 examples of social commentary. This can be music, movies, tv shows, stand up comedy, photography, art, etc.
  • Explain what the message of each example is. Be specific (refer to quotes, lines, elements of the image/film/song…).
  • Add an image to your post for each of your three examples.
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