Of Mice and Men; Visit Library to Find Books

29 Nov

9th Grade:

Congregate: (verb) gathering into a crowd or group

Synonyms: assemble, gather, collect, come together, convene, rally, rendezvous, muster, meet, cluster, group

Sentence: “Huge crowds of teary-eyed supporters congregated in front of the hospital.”


Bolster: (Verb) -support or strengthen; prop up.

Sentence: “The team’s challenging practice schedule is starting to bolster confidence”
Synonyms: strengthen, reinforce, boost, fortify, renew

Of Mice and Men

Read Of Mice and Men Chapter 1 (here is an online version of the book)

12th Grade:

Writing Prompt: You discover you have 6 months to live. Now what? How does that change your plans? What will you do differently? Will it change the way you act, treat people, spend your time? What do you keep the same and what do you change?
We will visit the library to look for independent reading books.
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