Speak and Vocabulary; Into the Wild and Thought Question…

6 Nov

9th Grade:

Two Word Tuesday (we missed last week and will miss tomorrow!)

Lucid (Adj) – expressed clearly, easy to understand, able to see through

Even though his brain injury clouded his thinking, Bobby usual had a few lucid moments  throughout the day when he could think clearly.

Origin: from lucere-shine and lux-light

Caricature  (noun) – a picture, description, or imitation of a person or thing, in which the most striking characteristics are heavy exaggerated for comic effect.


With your group, decide on the top five most important things to happen in the section of  Speak (141-170), and share them with the class.

12th Grade:

Viewing Into the Wild film

Thought Question, which you will be asked to write about…

What is more important, following your heart at the risk of losing friends and family, or maintaining important relationships at the risk of not completely following your dreams? Do you think Chris (aka Alex) was brave and noble for leaving his world behind to follow his dreams? Or do you think he was selfish and foolish? Explain. Give examples from the movie/book and real life.


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