Literary Device/ Speak; College Essay Forced Revision

31 Oct

All Classes Important Dates:

Friday Nov 3 – 9th Grade Quarterly; 12th Grade College Essay Due

Monday Nov 6 – Any revisions or late work due

Wed Nov 8 – Notebook check


9th Grade:

Today you will get a chance to look at your quarter grade so far (BTW: you have a chance everyday to do this on eSchool).

Notes on Why We Use Imagery and the Advantages of the Different Narrator Perspectives: Why Use Skills

Homework for Monday: Read p 141-170 of Speak and give 1 bullet point for each section of the reading (15 sections=15 bullet points).

12th Grade:


Notes: Bookending

Forced Revisions Activity:

Rewrite your opening.

Try to incorporate Bookending into the end of your paper.


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