Narrator’s POV; Lab for College Essay

26 Oct

12th Grade: Go to A206

We will be in the computer lab to type up our college essays. Here are the requirements:

College Essay Requirements:

  • -Choose any of the Common App Prompts (or one your school requires)
  • -650 Word Maximum
  • -Typed copy due at beginning of class Monday

Skills to consider:

  • -Effective Lead
  • -Sensory Imagery
  • -Showing Not Telling
  • -Using Stronger Words
  • -Reflective Narrator
  • -Writing in the Present Tense
  • -Epigraph
  • -Anecdote
  • -Rule of Threes
  • -Using Specific Details
  • -Bookending

9th Grade:

Narrator’s Point of View: The perspective the story is told from.

Here are the notes Narrator’s POV . Do not confuse narrator’s point of view (the literary device) with a narrator’s opinion or perspective on a topic! 

Assignment: In your notebook, discuss the narrator’s point of view in Speak. Why does it matter? What do we learn about because of this perspective? What don’t we know with this perspective? How would the book be different with a different narrator point of view? Give examples from the text to support your answer.

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