Regents Task Notes/Practice; College Essay

19 Oct

9th Grade:

Today we will take notes on how to write Task 3 of the English Regents. This is the same task you will see on your quarterly and final exams this year. The Regents is in 11th grade.

Notes: Task 3 Common core

Next, since we have already done most of this work in class during the week, you will begin writing your Regents essay in your notebook.

12th Grade:

Today we will work on our rough draft of the college essay. Here is a skill to help you get started:

Effective Lead: An author’s attempt to grasp the reader’s attention in the beginning of a work.

First impressions are huge.  Think about how fast you flip through TV channels.  How much time does each program get before you switch stations?  In a world of ever shrinking attention spans, you need to grasp your readers’ attention as soon as possible.

Try being vague, create mystery by not immediately letting the reader know exactly what you are writing about…
Try using vague words like “it” before explaining what “it” is.
Start with dialogue.
Start somewhere besides the beginning.
Say something shocking.  Sensory Imagery blast.
Start in the middle of the action.
Make the reader question the narrator’s credibility.

Check out this page of 100 best first lines of novels.

Here are the examples of college essays

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