Speak and Anxiety; Winning College Essay

17 Oct

9th Grade:

Two Word Tuesday

Ambiguous (adj) – unclear, may have multiple meanings which can not be distinguished between.

Origin: Latin word “ambi”, which means “both ways.” Think ambidextrous

Jocular (adj) – humorous or in a joking way.

Origin: Latin word “jocus” which means “joking”

Notes on Why We Use Skills…

Using this article Anxiety

Write a paragraph discussing the author’s main idea. Be sure to give evidence from the text to support your answer.

Write another paragraph discussing one of the literary devices/skills the author uses and how it helps develop the article.

12th Grade:

Two Word Tuesday

Quick Writes:
Write about something you have a lot of.
What is something you want to hide?

Copious (adj) – in a large amount

Obscure (verb) – to conceal or keep from view.

Write a Winning College Essay

We will read and discuss the article write a winning college essay

SKILL: Writing in the Present Tense– create suspense and urgency by writing as if the story is happening now.


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