Speak and Thoreau…

12 Oct

9th Grade:

Answer the following questions on Speak, pages 50-61. Be sure to use textual evidence to support your answer.

  1. What is Mr. Neck angry about?
  2. What does David Petrakis tell Mr. Neck?
  3. What kind of kid is David?
  4. How does Melinda know him?
  5. Why is Melinda’s Mom so stressed out around Thanksgiving?
  6. Why does Melinda want to tell her Mom to cook something else besides the turkey?
  7. How/why  does her Dad get involved with  cooking the turkey?
  8. What does he try to make?
  9. Where is the soup?
  10. What was their Thanksgiving dinner?

12th Grade:

Today we are discussing the quotes you chose from Henry David Thoreau. You will read the quote you chose and what you wrote about its meaning and why you selected. This exercise is intended to get you thinking about some of your core philosophies and personal beliefs as we head into writing the College Essay.

Henry David Thoreau Quotes

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