Reading, Discuss Steve Jobs’ Speech

6 Oct

9th Grade:

Symbol- An object that represents something else.

Make a list of the attributes of a tree. How can a tree be symbolic?


Read up to page 46 (end of first marking period) of Speak.

Answer the following questions in your notebook with specific examples from the text:

-Describe how the students treat Melinda. Give 3 Examples.
-How does Melinda’s family communicate? Give examples from the text.
-Describe Melinda’s new hiding place at school. Give examples from the text.
-What did Melinda do that caused everyone at school to hate her? Give examples from the text.
-List any examples of sensory imagery that you notice.

12th Grade:

New Skills:

Anecdote: A short story to help prove a point.

Ex: Steve Jobs speech uses 3 anecdotes to prove his point.

Often people will cite anecdotal evidence as proof.
-“Orange juice cures a cold. My grandma drinks orange juice as soon as she gets sick and her cold is gone in two days.”
-Lots of commercials use this form of persuasion. “I lost twenty pounds eating only Cheerios.”  Often you will notice a disclaimer to the effect of “results not typical,” because this is merely anecdotal evidence, it is not scientific proof.

Here’s a link for more info.

Rule of Threes: When making a point or giving an example, three is a solid number to give. Not too big, not too small, just right.

Steve Jobs’ Commencement Speech

Watch the speech and label Jobs’ anecdotes and use of the rule of threes on the transcript.


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