Anthem; General vs Specific

20 Sep

New Skill! General vs. Specific

General examples tend to deal with broader categories, while specific examples are things within bigger categories. For example

General: Music  … Specific: “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath
General: Store … Specific: Ralph’s Italian Ices
General: Shoes … Specific: Air Jordan’s

Be specific wherever possible. Writing “I smell food cooking in the kitchen” is much less effective than writing “I smell the filet mignon cooked to medium rare.”

Work on Outlining and Rough Drafting Anthem Piece

Before beginning a rough draft, outline your Anthem Piece. Write down all of the ideas you might address in your piece. Then choose which you will use and organize them into paragraphs.

Some things to consider:

  • Stereotypes good and bad  (Athletes are dedicated, but not very smart)
  • You as an individual (Being an athlete runs in your family)
  • Lessons you learned from your identity (How to be part of a team)
  • How those lessons translate to other parts of your life (dealing with setbacks, and working with difficult people)
  • What people don’t know about your identity (Most of your time as an athlete is spent preparing and training)


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