Central Idea; Picture Piece

24 May

9th Grade:

Today we will have notes on how to find the central idea and a literary device. We will then start writing our Central Idea and Literary Device essay in our notebooks.

Article: Caffeine

Notes: finding central ideas and literary devices and Task 3 Common core

Tomorrow I will check that you have this week’s work in your notebook

  • 10 questions in Caffeine Article
  • Label Ethos, Logos, and Pathos on the article
  • outline of central idea and evidence, and literary device and evidence
  • full essay in your notebook

Remember! The Final Exam essay is next Tuesday and Wednesday, and the multiple choice is Friday!

12th Grade:

Go to the library to post your Picture Piece. It must be posted by the end of the day Thursday.

Directions: For this assignment you will choose a picture (photograph from your life, magazine, internet, artwork, etc…) that is meaningful to you in some way and create a piece of writing based on that. You may choose to write in any genre, below is a list to choose from. Be sure to include any skills we have covered this year. After writing your rough draft in your notebook, a typed final copy must be submitted. Include a copy of the picture when you turn in your final copy.

Here are a few ideas:

-You may write a non-fiction essay describing and explaining why the picture is important to you.

-You may write a memoir detailing the story surrounding the picture.

-You may write a letter or a tribute to a person/people involved with the picture.

* There are many options and I encourage you to be as creative and from the heart as possible. Use your imagination; the more unique the better!

Possible Genres:

Short Story

Non-Fiction Essay



Social Commentary


Possible Skills:

Effective lead

Showing not telling

Sensory imagery

Creative fragment


Start with “ing” word





Effective title


Rule of Threes



Collect Ideas and Outline in Your Notebook Before Beginning.

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