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Thesis Statements; Topic Sentences; Outlining

21 Mar

12th Grade:  Review Thesis Statements. Writing Topic Sentences and Outlining.

Today we will take a look at our thesis statements and decide if they are effective or not.

Next we will take some notes on writing Topic Sentences:topic sentences TOPIC SENTENCES

Create an outline for your research paper using this format: Outline

9th Grade: Creating a Thesis Statement

Today we will discuss writing our thesis statements. Here are the notes: Research Paper- The Thesis

In your notebook write your thesis statement.

Here is the question you will be answering for the research paper:

Is fake news a problem? Should social media take action to fight fake news? Why or Why not? What action should social media take?

12-Works Cited Page; 9-Find Two Articles

20 Mar

All Classes go to room A206

12th Grade: Works Cited Page

Today you will take the articles you found and create a Works Cited Page on Kidblog.

  • Title the post “Works Cited Page”
  • Format: Author’s Last Name, First Name. “Title of Article.” Publication. Date Published. Date Accessed. <Web address>.
  • Alphabetize your entries by author’s last name.

9th Grade: Find Two More Articles.

For your research paper, you will answer the following:

Is fake news a problem? Should social media take action to fight fake news? Why or Why not? What action should social media take?

Find two more articles about fake news and/or whether social media should take action to fight fake news.

On Kidblog:

  • Post the link to the article.
  • Give a short 2-3 sentence summary of the article.
  • Explain how you know that the article is trustworthy (refer to your post about 5 steps to determine if an article is trustworthy).

Research Projects; Go to the Computer Lab!

17 Mar

Periods 3, 7, 8 go to A206
Period 4  go to A205

9th Grade:

Read the following articles and answer the questions in your notebook. Be sure to give quotes from the article, with parenthetical citations, to support your answers:

Facebook Mounts Tide to Limit Fake News

  1. Create a Work Cited Page entry for this article.
  2. Explain Facebook’s approach for handling fake news.
  3. Based on the reading, why do you think Facebook is motivated to deal with the fake news problem?

Ex-Head Of Twitter News: Social Media Companies Alone Shouldn’t Regulate ‘Fake News’

  1. Create a Work Cited Page entry for this article.
  2. Is the person being interviewed trustworthy? Why or Why not?
  3. Explain the difference between fake news and abusive language/offensive posts?

12th Grade:

Coming up with a Thesis Statement

We will look at this document about Thesis Statements: Research Paper- The Thesis

Post your Thesis statement on Kidblog.

Your thesis statement should be one very clear sentence that takes a clear position about your conspiracy theory.


Practice Citing Sources When Answering Questions

16 Mar

Watch the video and read the article “Is ‘Fake News’ Fooling Kids? New Report Says Yes.

In your notebook complete the following assignments:

-Create a Work Cited Page entry for this article.

Answer the following questions using direct quotes from the article. Be sure to use a parenthetical citation in your answers.

  1. Are teens sharing news stories that are inaccurate?
  2. Who do teens trust most for the news they receive?
  3. Are adults confident they can differentiate fake news from real news?
  4. What can be done to make teens more interested in the news?
  5. In your opinion, is fake news a problem for young people?


Go to Room A206

15 Mar

Today we will be in the computer lab. You can use this time to make up any work, revised any work, or add to your notebook.

Use the time wisely!!

Enjoy the Snow Day!

14 Mar

Parenthetical Citations

13 Mar

Today we will be taking notes on Parenthetical Citations.

Here are the notes: parethetical citations