In the Lab to Write the Research Paper

27 Mar

Today and tomorrow all classes will be in the computer lab, A206, to write the research paper.

Be sure to check all of our notes, which are posted on this page!

Here is the grading rubric for the research paper 2016 Research Rubric


Format: 60pts

____ (10pts) 500-750 words, no more, no less

____ (5pts ) Effective Title

____ (10pts) Clearly stated Thesis Statement

____ (10pts) Clear Topic Sentences in Body Paragraphs

____ (10pts) Evidence from research to support Topic Sentences

____ (10pts) Evidence Explained and connected back to Thesis Statement

____ (5pts ) Grammar: spelling, paragraphing, sentence structure…

Works Cited: 20pts

____ (5pts) Titled “Works Cited” in center of page

____ (5pts) Alphabetical by Author’s Last name

____ (5pts) Italicize magazine, newspapers, and books, Use quotations for article titles.

____ (5pts) Period after each item in citation

Citations: 20pts

Direct Quotations from research with proper Parenthetical Citation

____ (10pts) 1 integrated into your sentence

____ (10pts) 1 separate sentence

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