12-Works Cited Page; 9-Find Two Articles

20 Mar

All Classes go to room A206

12th Grade: Works Cited Page

Today you will take the articles you found and create a Works Cited Page on Kidblog.

  • Title the post “Works Cited Page”
  • Format: Author’s Last Name, First Name. “Title of Article.” Publication. Date Published. Date Accessed. <Web address>.
  • Alphabetize your entries by author’s last name.

9th Grade: Find Two More Articles.

For your research paper, you will answer the following:

Is fake news a problem? Should social media take action to fight fake news? Why or Why not? What action should social media take?

Find two more articles about fake news and/or whether social media should take action to fight fake news.

On Kidblog:

  • Post the link to the article.
  • Give a short 2-3 sentence summary of the article.
  • Explain how you know that the article is trustworthy (refer to your post about 5 steps to determine if an article is trustworthy).
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