Research Projects; Go to the Computer Lab!

17 Mar

Periods 3, 7, 8 go to A206
Period 4  go to A205

9th Grade:

Read the following articles and answer the questions in your notebook. Be sure to give quotes from the article, with parenthetical citations, to support your answers:

Facebook Mounts Tide to Limit Fake News

  1. Create a Work Cited Page entry for this article.
  2. Explain Facebook’s approach for handling fake news.
  3. Based on the reading, why do you think Facebook is motivated to deal with the fake news problem?

Ex-Head Of Twitter News: Social Media Companies Alone Shouldn’t Regulate ‘Fake News’

  1. Create a Work Cited Page entry for this article.
  2. Is the person being interviewed trustworthy? Why or Why not?
  3. Explain the difference between fake news and abusive language/offensive posts?

12th Grade:

Coming up with a Thesis Statement

We will look at this document about Thesis Statements: Research Paper- The Thesis

Post your Thesis statement on Kidblog.

Your thesis statement should be one very clear sentence that takes a clear position about your conspiracy theory.


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