OMAM; Opinion Piece

2 Mar

All Classes

Progress reports will be worked on starting Friday. Make sure you have turned in any work. Visit eSchool to double check! I suspect many of you may have worked on assignments but never submitted them!

9th Grade:

We will finish viewing Of Mice and Men.

When we are done, you may begin writing your review of the movie. On Friday we will go to the lab A206 to type our answers on Kidblog.

In essay format, consider the following:

  • Did you enjoy the movie? Why, why not?
  • Do you think the actors were appropriately cast? Did they play the parts well? Be specific. Who do you think were the best and worst actors in the film? Why?
  • What changes were made to the story in the movie? How do those changes affect the story and the characters? Are any of the book’s messages changed?

12th Grade:

Quick Writes:

  • Write about a time you were mad at someone. While you were mad, were you able to still see the good in that person or did observing that person fuel your anger or give you new reasons to be mad at him/her?


  • Make a list of observations and inferences about the following cartoon.

Watch this interview  with Edward Snowden.

We will watch a short talk called “Why You Think You’re Right – Even if You’re Wrong.”

Consider the question, if we often look for facts to support our beliefs, is it dangerous that officials can have access to pretty much all of our personal information, phone and computer habits, contacts and messages? Or does doing so keep us safe?

In Your Notebook…

Begin writing an Opinion Piece on one of the following questions. On Friday we will go to the lab A206 to type our responses on Kidblog:

In essay format, answer one of the following:

  • Is it dangerous that companies, government officials, and even hackers have access to nearly all of our personal information? Given that people tend to look for evidence to support their beliefs (confirmation bias), is it true that if you do nothing wrong you have nothing to hide?
  • If people are misinformed, uneducated, and stubborn to change, can they be trusted to govern themselves and make important decisions like voting in a democracy? Are we better off entrusting our government to people whose job it is to understand and know about politics, economics, and social structures? Or do is the risk of putting that much power in a select few hands too great? Are we better off trusting a potentially misinformed, stubborn public to make important decisions about our country?
  • Should social media companies, whose services are heavily used for spreading and sharing information, censor what people share?  Should they exercise the power to decide what is real, fake, offensive, and harmful? What are the benefits and dangers of doing so?


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