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There Snow School!

9 Feb

Enjoy your day off and be safe!

Curley’s Wife; Steve Jobs Commencement Speech

8 Feb


9th Grade:

Today we will finish chapter 4 of Of Mice and Men.

As we read, create a STEAL Chart for Curley’s Wife.

Writing Piece…

Next time we meet, we will be writing one of the following prompts:

Explain how John Steinbeck’s Characterization of any character helps him develop his theme of

a. The Importance of Friendship
b. The Destructiveness of Loneliness

12th Grade:

We will watch Steve Jobs’ commencement speech to Stanford University. Notice how Jobs uses 3 anecdotes to illustrate the advice he gives the graduates. This is a great model of what is expected of your Anecdote Piece.


9: STEAL Chart for Crooks; 12: Begin Anecdote Piece

7 Feb

9th Grade:

Do now: Combine and simplify the following sentences:

“John Steinbeck is the author of Of Mice and Men. He his book had many central ideas. One of the central ideas to Of Mice and Men is the importance of friendship.”

Read Of Mice and Men chapter 4

While reading Of Mice and Men, create a STEALChart for Crooks.


12th Grade:

Start a rough draft for your Anecdote Piece.
Tomorrow, be sure to have a finished rough draft in your notebook. We will meet in A206 on Thursday to type our final copies. You will not be allowed to begin your final copy until you produce a rough draft!


Choose a quote from Henry David Thoreau. Explain what it means to you. Tell an anecdote that helps support your understanding of the quote. Henry David Thoreau Quotes



Epigraph (use the quote you picked as an epigraph)

-Part 1: Begin your anecdote. Use an effective lead, start in an exciting place. Take the reader to a climactic moment.

-Part 2: Explain the quote. How do you interpret it? How does it apply to the world at large? How does it apply to your life?

-Part 3: Finish your anecdote. Create resolution. Show how the quote applies to the story you are telling.

(Please note: Each of the three parts may be, and probably should be, more than one paragraph long)

Of Mice and Men; Thoreau Quotes and Anecdotes

6 Feb

9th Grade:

Quick Write- Edit and simplify the following few sentences.

In most pieces of literature, there are many different types of literary devices. Literary devices help authors communicate their points to the reader. In the article “Life,” by John Beavis, the author uses many different literary devices. One of the literary devices that Beavis uses in his article, “Life,” is the literary device imagery. Imagery is used by Beavis to get his point across to the reader.

Now rewrite the paragraph. Keep only what is important. Remove anything that is unnecessary, obvious, or unimportant.  Try to get to the point as quickly as possible, without losing meaning.

Begin Of Mice and Men chapter 4

12th Grade:

Skill: Anecdote

A short story to help prove a point.

Often people will cite anecdotal evidence as proof.
-“Orange juice cures a cold. My grandma drinks orange juice as soon as she gets sick and her cold is gone in two days.”
-Lots of commercials use this form of persuasion. “I lost twenty pounds eating only Cheerios.”  Often you will notice a disclaimer to the effect of “results not typical,” because this is merely anecdotal evidence, it is not scientific proof.

Here’s a link for more info.

Brainstorming Anecdotes for Thoreau Quotes

In your notebook, think of some stories (anecdotes)  that you’ve experienced or heard that relate to the Henry David Thoreau Quote you chose on Friday. Go into detail about the story. Use imagery and showing not telling to tell the story. Explain how the story relates to the quote you chose.

Go Over Stronger Verbs; Henry David Thoreau Quotes

3 Feb

9th Grade:

We will be going over the Using Stronger Verbs activity from yesterday.

12th Grade:

Read the following quotes from Henry David Thoreau. Henry David Thoreau Quotes

Choose one and write it in your notebook and explain why you picked the quote and how it relates to your life and your experience.

Using Stronger Verbs

2 Feb


Today we will work on using stronger verbs. Here is the worksheet: use-stronger-verbs. It is also posted below.

Use Stronger Verbs:

Avoid sentences with weak verbs like “is, are, was, were, has, had, have” and replace them with stronger verbs.


Weak: John is the manager of the produce department

Stronger: John manages the produce department


Weak: Sachem was the first school to win 20 games.

Stronger: Sachem won 20 games first.


Weak: Ronald is always late to class.

Stronger: Ronald always arrives late to class.

Directions: In your notebook, rewrite each sentence to make the verb stronger. You may change more than just the verb.

  1. Janet Smith is the supervisor of the customer service department.
  2. Walt Disney was the initiator of a mass movement in family entertainment.
  3. The whole house was stressed and angry with one another over my parents’ fighting over the bills.
  4. In the distance there is a giant eruption from the water, as a 100-pound sailfish jumps out.
  5. Jenny Millhouse is the owner of two gas stations in Florida City.
  6. The sugar cane refinery is the employer that is the driving force for employment in south central Florida.
  7. The student who is responsible for conducting the survey and reporting the results to the school administration is James Archer.
  8. If a manager is thinking about changing a policy statement, she has the responsibility to inform both her immediate supervisor and her employees.
  9. The shipped product was different from the one that was advertised in the catalog.
  10. The Foster family has a fruit stand near Krome Avenue.
  11. After a questionable call at home plate, the manager had an argument with the umpire.
  12. Last week, the class had a discussion about Kate Chopin’s novel The Awakening.
  13. Larissa is a student of history and psychology.
  14. Professor Rose does not agree with Professor Randall about the uneven distribution of grades in the freshman class.
  15. Because Janice is prone to stay away from social gatherings, she spends many evenings alone in her dorm room.
  16. Miss Lawson made a drawing of a herd of bison stampeding across the plains.
  17. Louis was The Cowardly Lion in the school production of The Wizard of Oz.
  18. Dunkin Donuts has exhibited perseverance throughout the years, in spite of the many ups and downs of the economy, since it was founded in 1950
  19. The male anglerfish feels attraction for the female angler because of the pheromones the female produces.
  20. There were so many dance practices that my feet hurt every night.


1 Feb

Today we will work on vocabulary. For each word, give the definition, write a sentence, and draw a picture that illustrates the meaning of the word.

9th Grade:

  1. Cower
  2. Derision
  3. Receptive
  4. Reprehensible
  5. Gingerly
  6. Subdue
  7. Entranced
  8. Crestfallen
  9. Solemn
  10. Morose

12th Grade:

  1. Nonconformity
  2. Permeable
  3. Dishearten
  4. Virtue
  5. Cumulate
  6. Genesis
  7. Luminary
  8. Revere
  9. Nonchalance
  10. Emit