Welcome Back!

27 Feb

I hope everyone had a great Winter Break!

9th Grade:

Quick Write- Write about a highlight of your vacation. Go into detail. What did you do? Who was there? When and where were you? Use sensory imagery.

View Of Mice and Men film

While watching, take notes on whether you think the actors playing the characters are appropriate and doing a good job.  Also, look out for any differences between the book and movie. Why would they change it?

12th Grade:

We will read this article on fake news.

Define the following words:

  • Fabricate
  • Yellow Journalism
  • Objective
  • Partisan
  • Penchant
  • Confirmation Bias

Answer the following questions:

  • Has fake news existed in the past? What’s changed in recent years?
  • What is Yellow Journalism?
  • What can you do to distinguish fake news from real news?
  • Under the 1st Amendment, can social media companies censor what people post and see on their networks? Do you think this is good or bad?
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