9: STEAL Chart for Crooks; 12: Begin Anecdote Piece

7 Feb

9th Grade:

Do now: Combine and simplify the following sentences:

“John Steinbeck is the author of Of Mice and Men. He his book had many central ideas. One of the central ideas to Of Mice and Men is the importance of friendship.”

Read Of Mice and Men chapter 4

While reading Of Mice and Men, create a STEALChart for Crooks.


12th Grade:

Start a rough draft for your Anecdote Piece.
Tomorrow, be sure to have a finished rough draft in your notebook. We will meet in A206 on Thursday to type our final copies. You will not be allowed to begin your final copy until you produce a rough draft!


Choose a quote from Henry David Thoreau. Explain what it means to you. Tell an anecdote that helps support your understanding of the quote. Henry David Thoreau Quotes



Epigraph (use the quote you picked as an epigraph)

-Part 1: Begin your anecdote. Use an effective lead, start in an exciting place. Take the reader to a climactic moment.

-Part 2: Explain the quote. How do you interpret it? How does it apply to the world at large? How does it apply to your life?

-Part 3: Finish your anecdote. Create resolution. Show how the quote applies to the story you are telling.

(Please note: Each of the three parts may be, and probably should be, more than one paragraph long)

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