Of Mice and Men; Thoreau Quotes and Anecdotes

6 Feb

9th Grade:

Quick Write- Edit and simplify the following few sentences.

In most pieces of literature, there are many different types of literary devices. Literary devices help authors communicate their points to the reader. In the article “Life,” by John Beavis, the author uses many different literary devices. One of the literary devices that Beavis uses in his article, “Life,” is the literary device imagery. Imagery is used by Beavis to get his point across to the reader.

Now rewrite the paragraph. Keep only what is important. Remove anything that is unnecessary, obvious, or unimportant.  Try to get to the point as quickly as possible, without losing meaning.

Begin Of Mice and Men chapter 4

12th Grade:

Skill: Anecdote

A short story to help prove a point.

Often people will cite anecdotal evidence as proof.
-“Orange juice cures a cold. My grandma drinks orange juice as soon as she gets sick and her cold is gone in two days.”
-Lots of commercials use this form of persuasion. “I lost twenty pounds eating only Cheerios.”  Often you will notice a disclaimer to the effect of “results not typical,” because this is merely anecdotal evidence, it is not scientific proof.

Here’s a link for more info.

Brainstorming Anecdotes for Thoreau Quotes

In your notebook, think of some stories (anecdotes)  that you’ve experienced or heard that relate to the Henry David Thoreau Quote you chose on Friday. Go into detail about the story. Use imagery and showing not telling to tell the story. Explain how the story relates to the quote you chose.

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