S.T.E.A.L. : Exploring Characterization…

6 Jan


Today you will be asked to look for and find evidence of Characterization.

9th Grade:

Quick Write: Describe your dream life. What will it look like? Where will it be? Who will be there? What will you be doing?

We will finish chapter one.

Classwork Assignment

How does John Steinbeck develop the characters of George and Lennie in chapter one of Of Mice and Men? Create a S.T.E.A.L. chart for both characters and be sure to give specific examples for each character. Find evidence for each letter in the S.T.E.A.L. method.

12th Grade:

We will continue watching the film Into the Wild.

Classwork Assignment

As we watch, pay attention to how the character of Chris is developed.

In your notebook, create a S.T.E.A.L. chart in which you discuss how the filmmakers have characterized Chris. Use specific examples of Chris’ words and actions to back up your answer. Find evidence for each letter in the S.T.E.A.L. method.

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