Finish Tribute Pieces

22 Dec

Head down to A206 to finish your Tribute Pieces.

Print it out (print two if you are giving it as a gift).

Label any skills you used directly on the paper with a pen/pencil.

How to Label Skills

  • Put a number next to the spot in the paper where the skill occurs.
  • At the bottom or back of the page, write the number and the skill it represents.
  • Definite the skill.
  • Explain how/why you are using it.

For example:

Effective Lead:

  • Definition: an interesting opening that makes the reader want to continue reading.
  • Explanation: I wanted to make the reader think I was going to complain about our relationship by starting with a conflict we have. But I then go on to explain how our problems are temporary but our love is permanent.
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