Brainstorm for Gift/Tribute Piece

16 Dec


Today we will be brainstorming ideas for a gift/tribute piece. As we approach the holidays some of you may be in search for a gift for someone special. Why not give them something they can’t pick up off the shelves at Target, a writing piece from the heart?

Skill: Writing in the Third Person

Try referring to yourself as “he/she” instead of “I” and “me.” This will make you sound like you are talking about someone else, or someone else is talking about you. It can help you dig a little deeper because you are creating a little distance between the content and yourself. It can help you see things from another person’s perspective.

Tribute/Gift Piece

Brainstorm the following ideas (The “he/she” is referring to you in the third person):

  1. What he/she remembers: list some memories you have of the person.
  2. What he/she knows: list some things you know about the person and your relationship with him/her.
  3. What he/she doesn’t tell you: list some things are you may feel that are difficult to say.


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