Post 100-Word Stories to Kidblog in the Library.

14 Dec

Post 100-Word Story to Kidblog

Today we will meet in the library to post our 100-word stories to Kidblog.

Step 1: Create a new post and select the category 100-Word Story

Step 2: Write your 10-Word Story. Give it an interesting title (not 100-Word Story). The title does not count towards your 100 words.

Step 3: On your post, put an asterisk (*) next to at least two skills you used. Then after your story is over, list the skill you used and give its definition.

PS. If you are unsure of what skills to use, look in your notebook or to the links on the right side of this web page.

Find a Useful Resource for Your Pursuit

When you are done, search online for a useful web page/video about your Pursuit. Tomorrow we will be in the Lab A206, where you will post links to your resource and write a brief explanation of why you found it helpful.

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