Blog Pursuit #2: Your First Steps

9 Dec


Meet in room A206

Today we will be working on our second blog post on our pursuit. Here’s my example post.

  • Post your response on your Kidblog page.
  • Choose the category “Pursuit Blog 2.”
  • Include a header image.
  • Include an image in the post itself.
  • Create interesting headings for each section of your post.
  • *Bonus points for showing not telling or any other skill.

Here are the questions to consider:

Detail the first steps you have taken in your pursuit. Be as specific as possible. If you used internet articles and/or videos, provide links.

What have you learned?

How challenging has this been for you?

How Motivated do you currently feel?

Are you happy with your progress?

If you are unhappy or frustrated, why?

What can you do to improve your progress next week?


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