Work on Our First Blog Post About Pursuit Project in A206

1 Dec


Today we are in A206.

You will be posting to Kidblog the questions we worked on yesterday, about our Pursuit Project. Check out my post on Kidblog to see an example of how this should look!

The questions are below:

  1. What are you pursuing/learning?
  2. Why did you decide on this?
  3. What do you hope to achieve? How far do you hope to get?
  4. How realistic is your pursuit? Can you actually do it if you work hard?
  5. Who are your inspirations?
  6. Who or what can you turn to for help?
  7.  What are some potential obstacles you might encounter?
  8. What items or gear will you need to do this? Do you have them? How can you get them?
  9. What are some first steps you can take now?


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