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Finish Tribute Pieces

22 Dec

Head down to A206 to finish your Tribute Pieces.

Print it out (print two if you are giving it as a gift).

Label any skills you used directly on the paper with a pen/pencil.

How to Label Skills

  • Put a number next to the spot in the paper where the skill occurs.
  • At the bottom or back of the page, write the number and the skill it represents.
  • Definite the skill.
  • Explain how/why you are using it.

For example:

Effective Lead:

  • Definition: an interesting opening that makes the reader want to continue reading.
  • Explanation: I wanted to make the reader think I was going to complain about our relationship by starting with a conflict we have. But I then go on to explain how our problems are temporary but our love is permanent.

Work on Tributes

21 Dec

Periods 3, 4, 7 go to A205 to continue working on your tribute piece. Period 8 stay in A354.

When you turn in your final copy, make sure you label and explain any skills you used. Remember, your paper is being graded with a strong focus on your skill usage!

Tribute Piece is due, typed and printed, Thursday.

Get All Missing Work in By Friday!

Any work you are missing before break will only be worth a maximum of half credit after break. So make sure you turn in any missing work before the end of the school day on Friday.

Tribute Piece in A206

20 Dec


Tribute Pieces

Today we are working on our tribute pieces in room A206. Check back on the last two days for ideas and inspiration.

I’m not looking for length, although it should be long enough to get the point across. Instead, I’ll be focusing more on skill usage. So be sure to incorporate as many skills as you can in this piece. A complete list of skills, their meanings, and examples can be found on the right-hand side of this page.

This piece will not be published on Kidblog. Instead, you will print out a copy and hand it in. If you plan on giving this piece as a gift, be sure to print out more than one copy.

Tribute Piece is Due Thursday 12/22.

Here’s a link to some great tribute songs that may inspire you…

Get All Missing Work in By Friday!

Any work you are missing before break will only be worth a maximum of half credit after break. So make sure you turn in any missing work before the end of the school day on Friday.

Work On Tribute/Gift Pieces

19 Dec


Take a look Kobe Bryant’s tribute to basketball. It’s a poem he wrote when he retired called “Dear Basketball.” It’s a well written tribute to the sport, with quite a few of our writing skills!

Skill- Epistolary:

-a piece of writing written as a letter. Both Michael Jordan’s and Kobe Bryant’s pieces are in epistolary form.

Dear Basketball MICHAEL JORDAN

Dear Basketball Kobe Bryant

Skill- Personification

Personification: Giving human or life-like qualities to things that are not human or living.  By giving human traits and actions to nonhuman things, we can bring them to life.

Why use it? Personification will add life and action to your writing.


From Speak: “The school bus wheezes to my corner.”

From Lord of the Flies: “…the lagoon attacked them with a blinding effulgence”

Ex: “The guitar sang a melody that danced across the room.”

Skill- Allusion

Skill- Allusion: a reference to something that is commonly known (person, place, historical event, art, music, literature, etc) to convey larger meaning.


“Don’t act like a Romeo in front of her.”
– “Romeo” is a reference to Shakespeare’s Romeo, a passionate lover of Juliet, in “Romeo and Juliet”.
The rise in poverty will unlock the Pandora’s box of crimes.
– This is an allusion to one of Greek Mythology’s origin myth, “Pandora’s box”.
“This place is like a Garden of Eden.”
–This is a biblical allusion to the “garden of God” in the Book of Genesis.
“Hey! Guess who the new Newton of our school is?”
– “Newton”, means a genius student, alludes to a famous scientist Isaac Newton.  (from

Brainstorm for Gift/Tribute Piece

16 Dec


Today we will be brainstorming ideas for a gift/tribute piece. As we approach the holidays some of you may be in search for a gift for someone special. Why not give them something they can’t pick up off the shelves at Target, a writing piece from the heart?

Skill: Writing in the Third Person

Try referring to yourself as “he/she” instead of “I” and “me.” This will make you sound like you are talking about someone else, or someone else is talking about you. It can help you dig a little deeper because you are creating a little distance between the content and yourself. It can help you see things from another person’s perspective.

Tribute/Gift Piece

Brainstorm the following ideas (The “he/she” is referring to you in the third person):

  1. What he/she remembers: list some memories you have of the person.
  2. What he/she knows: list some things you know about the person and your relationship with him/her.
  3. What he/she doesn’t tell you: list some things are you may feel that are difficult to say.


Pursuit Blog 3

15 Dec

Today we are meeting in room A206 to work on our third blog on our pursuit.

For this post you will:

  1. Find at least one helpful resource (link, article, and/or video) about your pursuit and write a brief summary about it.
  2. Find a person online who is already doing what you want to do and write about them.

In your summary of your resource (#1)  consider discussing the following:

  • Explain what the resource is about. Be specific. What aspects of your pursuit does it cover?
  • Explain how it has or will help you.
  • What level experience is necessary. Is this for beginners? Experienced people?

In your discussion of the person already doing what you want to do (#2), consider the following:

  • Who is this person?
  • How much experience do they have?
  • How did you find him/her?
  • What do you like about what they are doing?

Be sure to create a clickable link to the resources (highlight text and click the Chain Icon to create a clickable link).

Your Post should have (as always):

  • Relevant Header and Body Image
  • Headings that explain what each section of your post is about.
  • Use the category “Pursuit Blog 3.”
  • An Interesting Title.

Here is my example post. It should serve as a model for your work!


Post 100-Word Stories to Kidblog in the Library.

14 Dec

Post 100-Word Story to Kidblog

Today we will meet in the library to post our 100-word stories to Kidblog.

Step 1: Create a new post and select the category 100-Word Story

Step 2: Write your 10-Word Story. Give it an interesting title (not 100-Word Story). The title does not count towards your 100 words.

Step 3: On your post, put an asterisk (*) next to at least two skills you used. Then after your story is over, list the skill you used and give its definition.

PS. If you are unsure of what skills to use, look in your notebook or to the links on the right side of this web page.

Find a Useful Resource for Your Pursuit

When you are done, search online for a useful web page/video about your Pursuit. Tomorrow we will be in the Lab A206, where you will post links to your resource and write a brief explanation of why you found it helpful.

100 Word Story; Improving Blog Posts

13 Dec

100 Word Story

Work on  your 100 Word Story. 100 Word Story Handout

Improving Your Blog Posts

Here are some notes on how to improve your blog posts…

  • Make sure your post has images in the header and body.
  • Create headings for the sections of your post. Don’t just answer questions.
  • Make sure you hit Publish! I won’t see it otherwise, and you won’t get credit!
  • Watch your grammar and spelling.
  • Make sure your images are relevant.
  • Capitalize titles and “I.”
  • Use Effective Titles. “Blog 2” is not a good title!
  • Be specific. Don’t just write “I learned a lot,” explain what you learned. This will help you write more.

100-Word Story

12 Dec

Today you will be writing a 100-word story. Exactly 100 words. It can be about anything you like. It must be exactly 100 words and you must use at least 2 skills. Here are some examples:

By Thomas Vasak

Harold waited, pistol ready and pointed at the closed door. He wasn’t going to take his chances. When the door opened, whoever stepped through was going to be greeted with a bullet. The knob turned and the door creaked open. He fired, too high, over the small girl’s head.

“Daddy?” she said, calmly.

He lowered the gun, closed his eyes, and fired again. Her body hit the floor with a thud. He’d rebury her in the small grave by the woods; just like he’d done with her mother last time. And the time before that. And the time before that.


By Su White

She set out. Sun was shining. How, she wondered. It seemed wrong. House was clean. It was tidy. Done and dusted. So she thought. Socks were sorted. Rubber plants watered. Waste bins emptied. Beds were made. Floors were shiny. Blood was mopped. Broken pieces culled. Chipped dishes washed. Scrubbed hands dried. Wild hair straightened. Lips were pouted. Face made up. Lies were written. Dreams were punctured. Life had altered. Eyes stared off. No tears cried. She locked up. Phone was muted. Dog was kissed. She waved goodbye. She now remembers. How this started. Those three words… had changed her life.


By Nicolas Brooks

There’s so many things you’ll never know about the man standing there with his thumb in the air as you go driving past. You’ll never know that the flicker from his outstretched hand is the wedding ring he’s been wearing again for the last five days, since the phone call he made from a rural service station somewhere south of the border, a call that crossed two states and countless memories to reach a woman in Brisbane who’d once worn the ring’s other. You’ll never know that what he’s asking you for is not a lift, but a second chance.


“Ice Cream” By Liz Gallagher

The whole shop is pink, except where it’s white. The crowd of smoothie- drinking girls at the window table could be laughing at anything. One waves. She tells herself they’re in a good mood because it’s a sunny Saturday and everyone feels light. She orders. A single scoop chocolate cone. Avoids looking at the scooper guy, who was in her gym class last year. He has seen her in shorts. She pays. Alone at a table, bravely, she anticipates her first taste of summer. Hears one more laugh. Knows this time; they’re laughing at her. She walks, gaze on the door, to the trash can. Tosses in her unlicked cone. Feels gray.

Blog Pursuit #2: Your First Steps

9 Dec


Meet in room A206

Today we will be working on our second blog post on our pursuit. Here’s my example post.

  • Post your response on your Kidblog page.
  • Choose the category “Pursuit Blog 2.”
  • Include a header image.
  • Include an image in the post itself.
  • Create interesting headings for each section of your post.
  • *Bonus points for showing not telling or any other skill.

Here are the questions to consider:

Detail the first steps you have taken in your pursuit. Be as specific as possible. If you used internet articles and/or videos, provide links.

What have you learned?

How challenging has this been for you?

How Motivated do you currently feel?

Are you happy with your progress?

If you are unhappy or frustrated, why?

What can you do to improve your progress next week?