Plan Quarter Learning Project; Comfort Zones

30 Nov

Comfort Zones

Quick Write: write about a time in which you did or did not do something that was outside of your comfort zone.

Watch this video and ask yourself how often you are willing to leave your comfort zones.

Plan Your Learning Project for the Quarter

Tomorrow we will be in A206 to write our first blog post about our new pursuit. Today we will plan it out in our notebook.

Answer these questions as detailed as possible:

  1. What are you pursuing/learning?
  2. Why did you decide on this?
  3. What do you hope to achieve? How far do you hope to get?
  4. How realistic is your pursuit? Can you actually do it if you work hard?
  5. Who are your inspirations?
  6. Who or what can you turn to for help?
  7.  What are some potential obstacles you might encounter?
  8. What items or gear will you need to do this? Do you have them? How can you get them?
  9. What are some first steps you can take now?

Plan this out today so you can write about it intelligently tomorrow. You will not have the entire period. I will be showing you how to do certain things to make you blog posts more interesting and engaging.

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