Do You Realize? What Are You Thankful For?

18 Nov


Do You Realize?

Listen to this song and read its lyrics. In your notebook, answer: What is the song’s message? What do you think is the most important line in communicating that message?

101 Things I am Thankful For Piece

Our first writing piece of the 2nd quarter will be the “101 Things I am Thankful For” piece. Essentially, it is a free verse poem about the little things you appreciate.

Skill: Free Verse Poem– a poem with no pattern of rhyme, rhythm, or structure.

Skill: Stanza- a paragraph in a poem. A stanza is a group of lines in a poem

Here are the requirements:

  • Come up with a title besides “101 Things I am Thankful For.”
    For example: “101 Little Things in Life,” “101 Excuses to Wake Up Early,” “101 Reasons Not To Jump.”
  • This assignment is about details. Don’t list things; write the details about the things you’re thankful for.
    For Example: Don’t write “My dog.” Instead, write “Getting licked on my face by my dog when I get home from school.” “When my dog runs to fetch the ball.”
  • Break your poem into 4 stanzas of 25 lines, and 1 stanza of just 1 line. The 1-line stanza should be something really important.

Some examples 101 Little Things in Life That I Love and 101 Excuses to Get Up Early

Work on your ideas and rough draft in your notebook. We will go to the lab next week to type and post to Kidblog.



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